Your service means something.

We believe that serving your country as a member of the armed forces is a sacrifice for your country, your community, and your family. We want to honor that service.

As a veteran who has been honorably discharged, you will receive a discount on all services we provide. You have earned it.

How do you know I am a veteran?

To receive veteran discounts from Karabiner Studios, you must have received an honorable discharge.

If that is the case, we have a two-step verification process.

First, we will get on the phone with you and ask you to provide the information required to verify your service through the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) website (  The data you will be required to provide for verification is SSN, Birth Date, Last Name, and dates when you were on active duty.

Second, we will need to see your DD214 to verify your discharge status.

All verification will be done live via Skype or Google Hangouts.  At no time will we write down your information.  We will take your information and enter it directly into the SCRA website.  During the call, you will also be asked to show a copy of your DD214 confirming discharge status.

You will only need to go through the verification process once.  We will keep a record of the date you were verified and whom the verifier was.  If you chose to work with us again, we will already have your verification on file.

What kind of discount will I receive as a veteran?

We offer veterans a flat 30% off the standard cost of mixing, 4 free revisions, and one set of free stems.


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